Larry Nichols

Larry Nichols made history when he succeeded in the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton. He also has succeeded in blocking Hillary Clinton from the presidency and the Clintons’ goal of becoming the most powerful couple in the world.

Mary Ellen

This daughter of a pastor and missionaries has been involved in church ministry since the age of 5. She has been an educator of pre-K through 12th grade in public and private school settings as well as homeschooling. As an involved parent, Mary Ellen was an active volunteer at church and school. With a pen and a phone, she was a kitchen-table lobbyist on legislative issues that caught her attention. Mary Ellen has 24 years of writing and editorial experience, although this is her first book. As part of the A Team trained by Larry Nichols to help promote states’ rights, block voter fraud, and help Donald Trump win the election of 2016, Mary Ellen is proof that one person can make a difference. The key is being willing to work hard, stay focused on the mission, and don’t quit.